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Way back 2011, I started my blog as Before, my purpose of making this blog is to show the virtual world my friendships. :) GLORKADE stands as Gleenar, Lavenia, O'marie, Renalyn, Khimbyrlee (that's me), Anna Rose, Dahlia and Emily. They were my high school classmates turned barkada.

It was supposed to be a blog all about our frienship. But when we went college, things fall apart (easily). We got into different colleges. We began to have our own circle of friends and we seldom met (except for Me, Dahlia and Emily). We were the closest.

Things changed. And this blog served no purpose for our "friendship". So, I changed this blog into my own virtual diary. And I named it as It just popped in my mind to name it that way. Because life really is full of ups and down.

I guess it bore the name for almost 2 years (I think).  And I was dissatisfied of the name. (Yep, my taste changes from time to time and I am easily fed up of things). And for the love of the word "world" (also to represent that it is my mine, my world), I changed it into My younger sister helped me create that name.

Somewhereinthiscosmo blog name served me for a year and something. Along with it, I changed the whole outlook of the blog. From the dark look to a minimalist look. Then, I was fed up with things (AGAIN). And the idea of having my own domain name popped in my mind. I began to think of another name with my name on it. I was also planning to change from Blogger platform to Wordpress because of these reasons. (Your thought, please?)

I got a lot of ideas on my mind with my name on. There's khimediclife (comedic life it should be). But my life is not a comedy. So, I crossed it out on my list. Then, there's khimtherealcosmo (ethereal cosmo). I kinda liked it because it sounded magical. But, no. Kinda girly and I think it will weary out on me quickly. So many on my list. But, I voted to myself on a name that I think suits me best. 

And viola!

KHIMSICALJOURNEY.BLOGSPOT.COM is the name I chose. (It will be if I will have my own domain.)
  khimsical for whimsical. Not musical. Not classical. Whimsical. I changed 'w' to 'k' to make it whimsical. :D It describe my personality as a whole. I am oddly weird in an amusing way. :D Then, I partnered it with journey. A journey of my whims in life...... And I love being random. :D :D :D 

I think I'm gonna keep this name for life (maybe). :)

You? How did you came up with your name? :D 

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3 Shout Out! :D

  1. I remind myself as I have always changed blogs as I want to focus on one niche. How crazy LOL!

  2. My blog's name should have been Mommy's Diary but another blog has that name already. Then I thought of Mommy Maye's Diary, parang ang haba naman. So shortcut ng Mom Maye and make it Momaye's Diary. My blog's niche is about home and living :)

  3. it was good that you only changed the name/s. had i not deleted my old blogs and start a new one again (and again and again!) i would probably have thousands of posts if i retained a single blog. :P


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